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The Museletians

But what is it thus ?

No, it is not an extraterrestrial nor the last technological invention which is going to revolutionize your life,
it is an artistic modification of a useful element, the wire of muselet that allows to maintain the cork in the bottle and which contributes to its waterproofness from its "muselage" to its consumption.
Now, another definition could be : they are the inhabitants of capsland ;-)


Making of a museletian.

The necessary tools are among two :
  • A wire of muselet
  • A Swiss knife (to cut, twist, shape) but we can also make it simply with the hand...
And especially a lot of imagination.

Why this name?

Let us say : " why a name? "
And indeed to begin, it is a means to give them an existance: "I'm called thus I am", in a sense...

And then to be able to speak about it one needed a name shorter than
"The small persons whom I make with muselets, you know, the wires which holds the cork on the bottles of champagne"

And finally, because one day someone asked me :
- What are you doing ?
- A museletian
- A what ???
What was the beginning of a wave of curiosity and a good mean to speak about my collection :-)

You can discover museletians in the chapter Exhibitions.

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A consomer avec modération tout de même... :-)