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separator So that the museletian goes out of your screen separator


you need glasses red for the left(awkward) and blue eye for the other one You know, these glasses which show you the relief world from photos which seem vague

This technique is called an anaglyphe

Here is all the explanation:

In fact to obtain the image of the museletian 3D, I began by putting my camera on a foot I put the museletien in front of the device, and I took a mark for the foot and the museletien.
Then, I centered wide the photo and I took it. I then moved my device of 7cm towards the right and while keeping exactly the same centring I took a second photo.
Later, it is with the good software of image that the continuation is made:

to see it 3D, the brain at need to see two images
but how to show 2 images in the brain from the only one in the screen?
It is that intervene glasses.
Indeed, these are filters which are going to show in the left(awkward) eye that the nuances red, and in the right eye that the nuances blue.
So, if we manage to produce an image the nuances of which red those are intended for the left(awkward) blue eye and the nuances, those intended for the right eye, it is won !

The first photo is the one that will see the right eye, the following one the left(awkward) eye.

We are thus going to stack the left photo, with that of the right but not no matter how.
In fact we are going to get rid of all the information of color others than the red on the first photo, and to get rid of only colors "red" on the second. In certain tools of treatment of image, it is a question of suppress chanels which correspond.

One in thus two images, the one red, and the other one green-yellowish
now, we go copied the red canal of the first photo in the red canal of second (which is empty because we erased it.)

Well then, O miracle we obtain an image in color, but vague

check all right, it is not very impresssionnant, but thus put shoes on glasses to see

Attention on the direction of glasses the left(awkward) eye must be masked by the red filter

That's it you are there, it goes out of the screen and shouts you " On guard, placomusophile, did you visit capsulabulles ? " ;-)

Little Tips if you do not see the relief :
  • Or you made a mistake about image between the right and the left
    (what was the case with my first essay(attempt,try): normal, I am ambidextrous)
  • Or your brain is not completely wired as the others, either you are left-handed
To try to return glasses
(it is what has to make my wife to perceive(collect) the relief of this kind of photo because having left-handed tendencies, her brain does not manage to interpret both images as being of the same object)

to get you of such glasses if you have no it (and that you do not want to make them you even), there is always a magazine, or a review which proposes it.
the first ones that I had were with Mac-Univers, there are years, in an article on canaglyphics ameras
then second pair in one science and life with an image of the satellite "Spot" of Provence.
Recently, it is FHM who proposes a pair (but needs to dare to buy the review ;-)

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