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You surelly have questions on why of how of museletians?
Well here are some questions / answers to clear up things.

But how came the idea ?
One day, during a dinner, a guest made a small tortoise with the muselet.
I found it funny and interesting. I redid it, another day, with a capsule of "die's sparkling white wine" (it is the photo of the website).
Then, I tried to make my own object rather than copy the idea of someone else...

Then there was an armchair (but are needed two muselets, and a capsule of a quarter), then the person, and finally the frog.
It is finally the person who stayed because he allows different whims on his posture, the objects which he holds etc. Since, various ideas came to me...
One of these objects is not present on the site because the first copy was given :
it is about a violin which now, I hope for it, is always in the buttonhole of a famous violinist.

But why does museletians play football?
Imagine yourselves that I like in no way the football at all !
In fact, when I made my first person, I had given it a dynamic attitude: he would run...
But to justify this attitude, I had the idea to make a balloon...
Then, few times later I made another one in the same attitude for a kid,
and then of wire in needle, I made the other attitudes, to end finally by the whole team...

And when will have others?
But very soon in fact, it is not very necessary for a long time to make just a small person...
but find an interressante attitude, to stage it, and to take photos, indeed it's a little longer.
To say everything to you, 3 news are along the way: they are made, photos also, but I have two or three other current ideas which I wish ended before putting all of them on-line.

Here is the little history, but I have in mind many other ideas...
to see on the website when they will be realized ;-)

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